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• Dive Deep with "Branches": The second entrancing volume in the Patterns in Nature series, this sample library whisks listeners into the profound depths of sonic experimentation, where wonder meets bewilderment.

• Complex Yet Captivating Origin: Every sample has a story, weaving a non-linear path, sparking intrigue and rejuvenating the spirit.

• Genre Fusion: A masterful blend of Modern R&B, Trapsoul, and Experimental Hip Hop. This tapestry of sounds is both a tribute to hidden sound designers and an invitation for producers to experience the unfamiliar.

• Rich Textures: Dive into tracks brimming with live guitars, vocals, bass, synths, and ambient textures. Each element meticulously blended to gift producers an enchanting soundscape.

• Modern Meets Vintage: Inspired by the craft of blending vintage with the modern, this library pays homage to industry giants like Frank Dukes and Coop the Truth, whose innovation has reshaped music production.

Master clearance is guaranteed. All samples are BPM and key-labelled and formatted.