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  • 🌑 Darkest Inspirations: Drawing from 1970s Italian horror soundtracks, Death Metal, Sad Trap, and Grimey Hip Hop, these 20 devilishly dark and moody guitar concepts will set the tone for your music.
  • 🎸 Guitar Duality: With a blend of 10 electric and 10 acoustic guitar samples, "Diablerie" offers a range of sonic possibilities.
  • 🎵 Creative Versatility: Each track comes with stems, granting you full freedom to craft your musical nightmares or transform these samples into haunting textures.
  • 🌟 Endless Possibilities: Whether you're starting a dark beat, creating eerie textures, or enhancing your production with a touch of the macabre, "Diablerie" is your sonic companion. All samples are BPM and key-labeled for ease of use. Master clearance is guaranteed.